Unwind Pain Relief Clinic

Health and Remedial Treatments

Josie Jenkinson is one of the world’s leading specialists in the treatment of performance enhancement and pain relief. With over 25 years of experience within the industry her expertise includes hypnotherapy, EMDR, EFT, massage therapy, intense sports massage, reflexology, acupuncture, energy work, mobilisation and reiki, which re-centres the body and mind. Using multiple techniques and tailoring her treatments to meet each person’s individual needs Josie has a talent for locating the source of long term pain, as well as the treatment of emotional and psychosomatic pain, performance enhancement, trauma and the strengthening of spinal and structural issues, therefore giving fast and effect results.

Following the founding of her Unwind Pain Relief Clinic in London 2004, Josie very quickly built up her business by word of mouth becoming well known around the Notting Hill and Kensington areas for providing quick pain relief to her clients. Since then and mostly due to popular demand Josie has been steadily building a client base within the entertainment and fashion industries. She is now booked to provide treatments for the talent, stunt performers, directors and producers on film sets, music tours, personal and business trips abroad, high-profile resorts and fashion shoots with some of her most recent clients being Rimmel, Puma, Burberry, and Balmain.